Monday, January 31, 2005

Long Hard Week

Hey all you Revolutionites,

The past week was a long hard week for many of you. I want you to know that I have been praying for you and your school. I believe that you have an opportunity this semester to share "true love" with your friends .

I wanted to share a couple thoughts with you about Mickey Kellys funeral on Friday. I thought it was great to see how many student came to pay their respects to one of their peers. I felt as though my heart was peirced as I looked into the eyes of so many students who we hurting so bad. I feel the sorrowful weight that your school and friends are carrying. When life hands us such difficult times it is hard to know what to say to those of you who knew and cared for Mickey. I guess I will repeat one of his writings.

I am proud of the maturity with which you have handled this terrible situation. They say the difficult times reveal character. If that is true, I am proud of the character that has been revealed in each of you.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is she having fun or not? I cannot tell if Jessica is laughing or screaming for her life. Either way the tubing hil is always something to look forward to. Big Sandy Camp here we come.

The Rev...Catalyst Style. "nice sweatshirt thomas"

Speaking of Winter Retreat I thought I should share some pictures from "Catalyst"

Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat is only a month away. Make sure to remember to have your deposit of $30 in to The Rev by February 9th. That is two weeks from last wednesday.

So what winter retreat gets your vote?

WR 2002 Fusion
Where: Camp Chicigami
Speaker: Aaron Lindholm
Highlight: Bad Chili (which made Abby vomit on everyone), Pyrotechnics, Good Dramas and Snow Football.

WR 2003 Alive
Where: Breezy Point Resort

Speaker: Aaron Lindholm
Highlights: Pool tables, Big Screen TV's, Pool and Duct taping Josh Gutkowski in a sleeping bag.

WR 2004 Catalyst
Where: Big Sandy Camp
Speaker: Paul Pierquet
Highlights: Sitting around fire talking and goofing around, Sledding hill, Good Food, Climbing wall and Brooke stabbing herself with a pencil.

Every Winter Retreat has had great services and altar times. I am excited to see what is in store for us this Winter Retreat: MOSAIC "your path"

Which WR gets your vote?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Victory for Blogger

Well the decision has been made.

Revolution Student Ministries official Blog will be here at

If you have never been to The Rev Blog before you may not have noticed any changes to the blog. If you have frequented the blog before you will notice a lot of changes. Especially the Project Jacob sections on the right.

For all you Project Jacobians who are involved in the Revolution. Now any time your wondering,
"what's the worship schedule or am I working in the Rev Cafe tonight",
now all you have to do is log on the the best blog in Hib-town to find out. Now you have all your scheduling needs meet my your new best friend
The Rev Blog.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Not There

I, Pastor Aaron, will not be at youth group this week. We wil be attending my uncles funeral. He was a pastor in Casino, MN. He passed away on Sunday Night. He has had brain cancer for the past 1.5 years.

So listen to your youth leaders they are in charge of the Rev. Have a great night.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Your Opinion Please

YO! I need your opinion. I have been working on a blog @

Any and all Revolution-ites that could check it out and compare the two and give me your opinion that would be great.


Best New Years Eve?

Revolution-ITES what New Years Eve party would you vote #1 in the past four years?

2001 DAY ONE: We played team games and had a crazy slime wheel game?
(cops came to un-handcuff a vistitor from a

2002 ballistic Bash 2: Basic nitendo & pool tournaments, Blow up boxing and sumo wrestling.
(2 ppl to the hospital)

2003 Can't Remember: We played the improve commercial game and other stuff?
(sub youth group had their own party...Nasty teens)

2004 Improv Party: We played Dodgeball and watched Spiderman II on the big screen. It was a improv night because original plans were cancelled because of snow and ice.
(many wicked games of Dogdeball, and a couple of black eyes)

What do you think was the best? What should we do for next year? All ideas and comments welcome.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Blog Open For Business

Hey all your Revolution-ITES!

The Rev. Blog is now open for business!

Share your thoughts, questions and opinions on all things Revolution.

Each week Pastor Aaron will post his thoughts and anything else about The Rev. This is where it gets good. You then can post your comments and make them known to all Revolution-ITES.

Got a Question about The Rev, Bible, or just life in general? This is the place to get them answered. The sweetest part about it is that the answers will not always come from "PA". Everyone else and their brother can share their opinion.

Start posting now and keep it coming. Enjoy The Rev Blog.

Make sure to check back soon for new posts and updates.