Friday, May 27, 2005

The Ways to Step 5

I suppose you are bored of looking at the same post day after day. Sorry, The ol' youth pastor has been stinking busy as of late. Well if you want to call vacation busy.

Step 5 is being a core member of The Revolution. Which is really just a solid Christian who is consumed with encouraging people in all situations. How are you going to get to that place? Here is the equation we talked about last week at youth group. Experience + Knowledge + Character = Strong founded Christian who has positioned themselves to receive the gifts God wants to give to them. Those gifts are to be used to encourage the church and as a witness to unbelievers. Experience + friendship with the world (doing nothing) = a shallow immature Christian who is a victim of life situations. They have no ability to influence the world except to portray Christians as complaining, confused and weak. Tossed here and there by life's struggles.

What will you be? Have experience with God + apply the knowlegde and wisdom received from the Bible + make choices that develop a strong Godly character. That is the equation to true spiritual freedom and influence. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Summer Survivor is only THREE WEEKS away. I thought I would throw up the logo. Keep you eyes open. Links about rules, rewards, points and event locations will coming soon. It is going to be a great summer. Only 8 more days of school left.

Will You Survive the Summer?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Last Wednesday was the first Wednesday of the Month = "STL WEDNESDAY!"
Which means everyone who gives anything (except tithe) to the offering must give it to Speed The Light. Well last week we gave $58 to STL. That is good but by no means is it close to our record Wednesday which was in March totaling $108.00. I wanted to encourage you guys to stick to your STL goal. If you miss one week don't just forget about it. Be consistent and give what you can. God blesses those of us who are faithful in our giving. So keep up the good work and we will reach our goal.

BTW I have put a couple links up for STL. One is our Goal for 2005 and the other is to the national STL web page check it out. You might be surprised what you learn about STL.

This is a picture of Missionary Jon Dalahger's STL Vehicle making its way up into jungle mountains."

This is Jon Dalahger and his STL Vehicle

What Jon used to drive before STL.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Wednesday Review

Just a reminder that God wants to smash your Idols this week and clothe you in HIS "brand name". So get out your SLEDGE HAMMER.


Hey Y'all,

Tomorrow @ 1pm is The Rev BBQ!!!!! It will to go until about 4pm or so. I just want to remind you everyone about it. I trust you are having a great night. See ya!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Prom Alt Gallery

Ok you've waited long enough. Here are a bunch of pictures of Prom Alt. Instead of posting a billion pictures on the Blog I put them all here: Prom Alt Gallery .

If you want to download some pictures just right click and save them to your computer. You can even up load them at and have them printed in one hour. Prom Alt was a great event. Thanks to everyone who came and to those who helped out. See you all Wednesday.

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Best Pic of Prom Alt.

Well Prom Alt has come and gone. Here is the best picture taken at Prom Alternative. Admiring this picture should keep you busy while the other pics are prepared for The Rev. Blog

I call it: Napolian Broberg