Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Hunt

Hey Summer Survivor Main Event is happening THIS Saturday @ 3pm - 6pm. Meet at First Assembly of God and we will then travel to an undisclosed location for "THE HUNT". Please wear outside clothing and not flip flops. You will be in the woods so a little bug spray won't hurt. See you this SATURDAY!

What are we going to do? Here is your hint= FIRE vs. STYROFOAM.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Video Post is a GO!

Hey I fixed the video post. Must of had a bad transmitter. More Summer Survivor is coming soon. NEXT SATURDAY! It is called the hunt. The team that was in the lead at the beginning of youth service (blue cross blue shield) was in the lead because of Sunday service attendance. There is a lot more ways to win than just competitions. It is all about Tribe strategy. See you guys on Sunday.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tire Torture

The Rev. Blog's first video post! YEAH! Here is a small clip of the first Summer Survivor event. I like to call it tire torture.

To watch video click play button. If video does not play. You may need to download windows media player below. It is also possible that The Rev. Blog has used up its free bandwidth. Try again later.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Summer Survivor is ON !

Hey Y'all, It seems that summer time is a difficult time for me to post. Sorry it has been so long since you have heard from the BLOG GURU. Summer Survivor Kickoff was great. We had about 50 ppl involved. Here are a few pictures from the competition. I am working on a video for the web as we speak...(um I mean) as I type.

Andy and Patric dazed and confused from the tire torture.

The locking station. What is Joel doing?

on the survivor trail.

Come back soon for The Rev Blogs first video post.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Remember to do your Homework

Hey I just wanted to remind you all to get your homework done before school tomorrow. Oh! Wait you don't have any school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOYA! I trust you all will enjoy this first week of summer by sleeping in until at least 10am.

Remember this Wednesday is Summer Survivor Kick Off! Make sure to bring your friends. This is a great 1st Step to get your friends involved in The Rev. This weeks competition is called THE LOCK UP. It will test your brains, brawn and team work. Get ready for summer survivor and bring lots of quarters for Hot Dogs and Rootbeer.