Monday, August 29, 2005

Blog back on Track


The Rev Blog is back on track. I apologize to all those who have been checking the blog for the past couple of weeks and NOTHING. (mainly you Brooke) Well my vacation is done. School is starting. It is time to start "kicking it up a notch, BAMM!" as Emeral Laoidfidshfdoashsisiy would say. So I did.

You will notice that an image gallery has been added to the right side bar. What is it? Well after each major event you will see some random images in a flip book that you can, of course, flip through. Below the Flip Book you can view the complete gallery of pictures from past events at The Rev. Once inside one of the galleries you can click on the pictures and download them to your computer. Print them, save them, enhance them, burn them, hang them in your locker, hang them on your fridge, wall paper your bathroom, bedroom, dining room, closet... you get the idea. Next Gallery to be added to the blog: Summer Survivor. The Rev Image Gallery 200+ pictures with more on the way.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Congrats to the RED REBELS!

They have won the Ultimate Survivor Reward: A free trip to valley fair. I guess the stradegy of just hanging in second place until the final competition and then BAMB, steal Summer Survivor from Dead Presidents and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Summer Survivor it was a blast. What a great way to enjoy a summer. We still have some summer events left before school. The STL Bike-A-thon is happening Monday, August 29th and Tuesday, August 30th. Make sure to pick up your registration forms at The Rev. Camp Pics coming soon.