Monday, March 06, 2006

Driven WR 06

Hey I just put up the WR06 picture gallery. scroll down the left side bar and click on Driven WR06. BTW if any Hermantown people are reading this post...WE ARE THE CHAMPS AT DODGEBALL.

Driven WR06 was one of the best WR in my book. My favorite WR was Alive. How about you what WR is the best and why?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Speed The Light

Tonight is the first Wednesday of the month which means tonight is STL Wednesday. I just wanted to encourage all of you to bring your pledges this evening. We have been doing great so far with STL. Our pledge is 20K in 2006. I know this is more than we can actually do ourselves. But that is okay because it is not about what we can do it is about what God can do through us if we are just willing. I know that we can make the goal if we just allow God to act through us supernaturally. See you tonight


Hey all you Revolution-ites starting in March The Rev. Will be closing it's doors @ 8:30pm. So if you need a ride make sure to tell your parents to pick you up at 8:30pm. This shouldn't be a problem for most of you. The Rev is pretty empty around that time. Have a great day at school.